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Agripreneur CGEEEOver the years, there has been a lot of attention on urban development. Enormous resources are expended on developing big cities while neglecting the people at the bottom of the pyramid thereby increasing urban migration annually. There is no gainsaying that it is practically impossible for everyone to migrate to the big cities because otherwise, not only will cities become congested and over populated but we would be losing out on a lot of our hugely untapped local resources, culture and tradition.

In most African rural settings, Agriculture remains the mainstay of the local economy either through subsistence farming, animal husbandry or fishing. CGEEE intends to support the rise of rural agriculture entrepreneurs by providing training and access to required skills and capital to turn their local agricultural activities into big business. This shall be achieved through the use of clusters, co-operatives and monitored micro financing schemes.

BECOME A CGEEE AGRIPRENEUR – To participate in this scheme or for more information or clarifications, please contact us by filling the FORM below or by sending an email to with CGEEE Agripreneurship Program in the subject line.